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Top Bridal Accessories (plus an announcement!)

Jessica Holmes

Okay, so you can breathe a sigh of relief – you have your dress! But don’t settle in and think you’ve sorted all the important things for your big day, it’s time to find your accessories (and, you know, catering, venue, flowers, etc. but really, what does that compare to the dress?!).

I was one of those fools who left it late, and I didn’t even have a garter when it came to the day itself. Admittedly, I was making everything and was in the middle of 6 other bespoke commissions too, but I do wish I had made the time.

It was actually one of these clients that swayed me to at least have a veil. Her words of wisdom stuck with me – “what other day in your life would you get to wear a veil?” – and I thought, you’re right, it’s hardly an everyday opportunity, I need to make the most of it!

Whether you choose to veil or not to veil, don’t forget to think about any other headpieces, belts, lingerie, jewellery and of course shoes! Your first stop for beautiful lingerie should certainly be Rose Fulbright. Her stunning silk creations will keep you in comfort and style all through the day and the night!

You may decide to splurge on your shoes and buy something you can wear again (are those Louboutins I hear calling to you?) but if you want something exquisite and very bridal, you can’t go wrong with Freya Rose. Her designs are the perfect finishing touch to your big day.

In recompense for my lack of planning with my own wedding day accessories I am now designing a range for Wold Couture to make up for it! Watch this space for delicate veils, garters and more, all inspired by the beauty found in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Wedding Day Catastrophes

Jessica Holmes

You are told that your wedding day will be the most amazing day of your life, that in short, it will be perfect. Well I am here to break the bad news – it won’t be. Something will go wrong – the best man will be late, the waiter will forget who is vegetarian rather than gluten free, and yes, you will probably stain your dress at some point during the night. But accepting that these things (and more) might happen will mean it is not the end of the world when they inevitably do.

Take it from me - you really can’t predict every mini catastrophe that could ruin your day. At my wedding (location: my parents' smallholding) it would never have crossed my mind that a near fatal chicken poisoning would occur mid reception. Cue a slightly tipsy panic that my wedding would forever be remembered as the day all the chickens died. A quick pep talk reminded me that things could certainly be worse and the chickens would no doubt be fine.  I now manage to look back with amusement as I spot one of the chickens pottering about – unaware of the brush with death my wedding inadvertently caused.

Wedding Wednesday #10

Jessica Holmes

I must apologise as it has been a while since we've visited my Wedding Dress Wednesday shots. In light of this fact I thought a special dress should be shown. This is one of the first wedding dresses I ever made, it was part of my final exhibition when I graduated from London College of Fashion. The inspiration for its creation came from a Shakespeare sonnet centred on love and it began my own love affair with wedding dresses and all that they entail.

The style of the dress itself has a touch of the Victorian to it, what with the delicate button fastening at its centre back and subtle lace applique. However, the overall look is significantly 1920s/30s, highlighted in a bias cut panel at the front for a flattering fit.

A few modern touches - such as the wired hem and green thread that runs along it - ensures this dress remains firmly in the present. And don't miss the surprise addition of our dog, Willow, joining me in the mirror!

Wedding Wednesday #9

Jessica Holmes

To veil or not to veil? It’s an important question to ask yourself before the big day. Personally I was fairly sure I would abstain as it just didn’t really appeal. But then one of my brides said something to change my mind: when else in your life do you get to wear a veil?!

Once she had uttered those words there was no going back – how could I possibly miss out on wearing something so iconic by choice? Despite this I didn’t exactly opt for the traditional. As my dress was made with polka-dot tulle it seemed only right that my veil should follow suit. I also opted for the full-chapel length (longer than the train on my dress!) though wore it off my face throughout.

Even though my veil was a little unorthodox I still felt classic and timeless – like a proper bride. If you’re struggling to decide whether to wear a veil or not just remember there are many options out there, so try them all before opt out – this is your only chance after all. However, all I have said regarding 'one and only' opportunities has made me want to fight against that norm, so here I am today wearing a more traditional veil as I work in the studio! And I must say, I think it goes rather nicely with my outfit - no?

Wedding Wednesday #8

Jessica Holmes

What's your opinion on wedding dress trains? The longer the better or less is more? The fit of this particular dress accentuates the train though compared to most it isn't that lengthy.

A train can add a touch of majesty to your wedding gown however, as a bride you will feel almost regal as it trails behind you. A delicate train can make for some beautiful photos too and it sets you apart from your bridesmaids.

Vintage patterns inspired the dress I'm wearing today to create a throw back to Hollywood glamour. It flatters those curves you have and even creates some in the right places if you're lacking.