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Wedding Wednesday #1


Wedding Wednesday #1

Jessica Holmes

The weekly wedding dress saga begins! And yet I must take this first week to show where it all originates… with my own wedding dress!

As I make a diverse collection of wedding dress styles, all of which I love, I honestly did not know where to begin when it came to my own dress. Do I want fitted? Is that too traditional? Is a big skirt a cliché? The pressure was enormous for this dress to be absolutely perfect as surely the bridal designers own dress should be the best she ever creates?!

Now the wedding is over I would actually hate for this to be the best I ever do. Not that I don’t still love it – it was far comfier than you would believe and I adored the polkadot fabric and leaf-like detailing. But if this were the finest I could ever manage then why continue? Why bother with new collections and ideas if I believed it could never get any better?

This dress will always be that dress I have to beat as I design in the future – and I fully intend to do so with every stitch I sew.