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Fashion Friday #1


Fashion Friday #1

Jessica Holmes

As a child my mother dressed me in wonderfully bright colours, stripes, spots and anything matching with my older sister. Pretty dresses and plenty of bows were a prerequisite – pigtails a must. Though some days I would fight it and insist I was a tomboy at heart.

Every year during secondary school I would plan on entering the new school year a brand new person. I came back once with bright red hair but with a strict school uniform to adhere to there wasn’t much I could experiment with in terms of fashion.

Leaving home to study Costume in the big wide world of London gave me both the confidence to explore new styles (in my work and my wardrobe) and the know-how to create something beautiful and delicate yet hard-wearing. For myself I embraced all the student fashion clichés I could manage. Ripped tights, big boots and t-shirt dresses a-go-go. A day later I would be a vintage queen thanks to old clothes, scissors and some speedy stitching.

Now an adult my style may have matured (if only a little) but I still love that idea that you can wake up one morning wanting to be or do something entirely different and that fashion can help you achieve it.

One day you’re a country girl in jeans and checks and the next you’ll be in bias cut and pin-up curls – who cares if you’re just walking the dog again?

With that in mind I am flying the flag for gowns for gardening! Admittedly a day of digging may call for something a little more hard-wearing but for watering the plants? Why not!