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Field and Stitch #3


Field and Stitch #3

Jessica Holmes

When I used to work for other people, or was studying other things, making wedding dresses was a glorious hobby I could only dream about doing every day! Now that it is indeed something I do every waking hour I of course find some aspects of it rather dull or downright horrid to do (zips into silk I’m taking about you) and so I find myself in want of a hobby.

I adore to read, but when I spend more than an hour at this particular pastime I fear I am procrastinating somewhat. I also love to walk through the many fields that surround our cottage but I worry I will wear the dog out! So, I have decided to teach myself to make lingerie. You may say – “that is not so different from what you do now!” – and in contrast with, say, neuroscience I would have to agree. But after a little research I have got excited about learning this new skill! Hurrah! Lingerie for all! Not quite yet perhaps… Watch this space and don’t worry, I’ll stay away from neuroscience.