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The First Cut #4


The First Cut #4

Jessica Holmes

If you’re going to the trouble of creating a paper pattern from scratch, chances are you want to make the effort for that perfect fit in the finished garment. This means abandoning the safety of standard measurements and actually doing some measuring of your own! Don’t worry, I will take you through it…

The most basic way to begin is to take the bust (through the fullest part of the bust and around the back following the bra line), waist (generally the smallest part, just above the belly button) and hips (at the widest part). Then compare these to a general sizing chart (below). If the measurements you have taken perfectly match a standard size then you can use the rest of the measurements this chart provides to complete your set. If they fall somewhere in between then you should find an average of the different sizes to complete your list of measurements. This may sound a little complicated but if you are measuring yourself it is far easier to do this I assure you!

In this way your garment may still require alterations when made but it will be a much closer fit than otherwise. If you wish to take all the measurements needed yourself then please refer to the diagram and list below , have a pen, paper and tape measure to hand - and preferably a willing helper!