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The First Cut #5


The First Cut #5

Jessica Holmes

I can be a lazy person at times, I’ll admit it. And though when I create a pattern and garment for a client I am meticulous in my working, when making something for myself my accuracy can fall a little by the wayside. Or to be honest – a lot by the wayside. Generally I just start cutting fabric in the general shape of my body and start speed-stitching it together. Now as I do this a lot, it normally pays off, with a few tweaks here and there. But here’s why not to do this, why it is good to take your time over the pattern and cutting out stages, as when it goes wrong it can do so rather spectacularly!

I decided to free-hand cut the underdress to my wedding dress. And I forgot to leave space for my hips. Seriously. A complete brain lapse due to lack of planning meant it would never in a million years fit me. Thank god I decided I didn’t like the colour anyway (pale blue – what was I thinking?) and started again. With a pattern.