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The First Cut #3


The First Cut #3

Jessica Holmes

I fear I may have overloaded your brains last week with talks of blocks and alterations. Creating the pattern for a garment can be fun – honestly! Today I want to open your eyes to one of the most enjoyable ways to do this – draping.

Draping a garment is pretty much what it says on the tin – you drape fabric on a dressmaking stand and create the apparel with fabric, rather than paper. If you intent to make the garment again you can then take the fabric to pieces and trace each piece onto paper to make your pattern this way instead.

However, initially I recommend finding a roll of cheap fabric and having a play to see what shapes you can produce. I say cheap as with an expensive fabric you will be afraid to cut without knowing if it will work! Get to know how fabric falls on the body (different types and weights of fabrics will fall in entirely different ways) and what shapes create certain silhouettes.
Even if you make a bit of a mess of the fabric so it is un-useable I think this practice is invaluable to a beginner in pattern cutting. Understand the fabric better and you will enhance your understanding of the pattern.