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Top Bridal Accessories (plus an announcement!)

Jessica Holmes

Okay, so you can breathe a sigh of relief – you have your dress! But don’t settle in and think you’ve sorted all the important things for your big day, it’s time to find your accessories (and, you know, catering, venue, flowers, etc. but really, what does that compare to the dress?!).

I was one of those fools who left it late, and I didn’t even have a garter when it came to the day itself. Admittedly, I was making everything and was in the middle of 6 other bespoke commissions too, but I do wish I had made the time.

It was actually one of these clients that swayed me to at least have a veil. Her words of wisdom stuck with me – “what other day in your life would you get to wear a veil?” – and I thought, you’re right, it’s hardly an everyday opportunity, I need to make the most of it!

Whether you choose to veil or not to veil, don’t forget to think about any other headpieces, belts, lingerie, jewellery and of course shoes! Your first stop for beautiful lingerie should certainly be Rose Fulbright. Her stunning silk creations will keep you in comfort and style all through the day and the night!

You may decide to splurge on your shoes and buy something you can wear again (are those Louboutins I hear calling to you?) but if you want something exquisite and very bridal, you can’t go wrong with Freya Rose. Her designs are the perfect finishing touch to your big day.

In recompense for my lack of planning with my own wedding day accessories I am now designing a range for Wold Couture to make up for it! Watch this space for delicate veils, garters and more, all inspired by the beauty found in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Wedding Wednesday #8

Jessica Holmes

What's your opinion on wedding dress trains? The longer the better or less is more? The fit of this particular dress accentuates the train though compared to most it isn't that lengthy.

A train can add a touch of majesty to your wedding gown however, as a bride you will feel almost regal as it trails behind you. A delicate train can make for some beautiful photos too and it sets you apart from your bridesmaids.

Vintage patterns inspired the dress I'm wearing today to create a throw back to Hollywood glamour. It flatters those curves you have and even creates some in the right places if you're lacking.


A Dress to Dance in

Jessica Holmes

Let's face it, it's a wedding, you're definitely going to be dancing. Even more importantly, you're the bride, and you have spent months in the lead up to this day worrying about every little thing that could go wrong. But you're married now, the ceremony and speeches are complete and the food has been eaten with gusto. It's time to really enjoy yourself whist showing off your best dance moves and you need a dress that makes this possible.

That eye-wateringly tight corseted dress may have looked fabulous in the photos but after hour five or so the pain will really set in and dancing will sadly be off the agenda.

Now you may be one of those oh-so-lucky brides that can afford another gown to change into when the party starts but if not, never fear, there is a simple solution: wear a comfortable dress.

Easier said than done, I know, as so many dresses are full of boning and other contraptions to suck you in or pad you out in the right places. A dress with a big skirt can also just be incredibly heavy to carry around all day. This is why a bespoke dress - or at least bespoke alterations - can be a godsend. If you ask for comfort to be higher on your list of priorities then all manor of tricks can be implemented. To name a few:

- An invisible underskirt in a lighter fabric can give you that full shape without the weight. 

- Boning is used sparingly to ensure you have some room to breath. 

- And most importantly you can practise hitching up your skirts in the most flattering way to tackle that dancing hindrance!

Photo credit: #1 - James & Lianne, #2 - Photography 34, #3 - Sarah Ellen Bailey.