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Top Bridal Accessories (plus an announcement!)

Jessica Holmes

Okay, so you can breathe a sigh of relief – you have your dress! But don’t settle in and think you’ve sorted all the important things for your big day, it’s time to find your accessories (and, you know, catering, venue, flowers, etc. but really, what does that compare to the dress?!).

I was one of those fools who left it late, and I didn’t even have a garter when it came to the day itself. Admittedly, I was making everything and was in the middle of 6 other bespoke commissions too, but I do wish I had made the time.

It was actually one of these clients that swayed me to at least have a veil. Her words of wisdom stuck with me – “what other day in your life would you get to wear a veil?” – and I thought, you’re right, it’s hardly an everyday opportunity, I need to make the most of it!

Whether you choose to veil or not to veil, don’t forget to think about any other headpieces, belts, lingerie, jewellery and of course shoes! Your first stop for beautiful lingerie should certainly be Rose Fulbright. Her stunning silk creations will keep you in comfort and style all through the day and the night!

You may decide to splurge on your shoes and buy something you can wear again (are those Louboutins I hear calling to you?) but if you want something exquisite and very bridal, you can’t go wrong with Freya Rose. Her designs are the perfect finishing touch to your big day.

In recompense for my lack of planning with my own wedding day accessories I am now designing a range for Wold Couture to make up for it! Watch this space for delicate veils, garters and more, all inspired by the beauty found in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Fashion Friday #6

Jessica Holmes

New dress to show you today - a turquoise velvet number that I wore to a fantastic wedding this last weekend! Not the best angles (I will get better ones to show you) but I loved wearing it so much I had to post about it today anyway. This velvet dress has a nipped in waist and flowing skirt with asymmetric hem. The contrast neckline and crossover back are decorated with silver bugle beads - that part took some time!

The First Cut #6

Jessica Holmes

Seam allowance – do you include it on your pattern or not? Generally in fashion garments the seam allowance is drawn into the pattern. However, I have a costume background and in this industry it is added on only when you cut out the fabric. In terms of size and when you add it you really can use whatever seam allowance you prefer. The purpose of a seam is simply to join two pieces of fabric without exposing the raw edges. The seam allowance is just the extra fabric so the stitching isn’t too close to the raw edges and doesn’t come undone and cause fraying.

I prefer adding on the allowance as I cut as it makes it easier for me to alter the patterns to different sizes at a later date. If you add it to the pattern however, accuracy in the seam allowance size is easier to achieve. Whichever you prefer it is always best to mark your stitch lines on the garment to achieve the best possible precision as you sew. If you are worried about fit a bigger seam allowance will give you some leeway to alter – and you can always trim it down at a later stage!

Style: Handbags or Shoes?

Jessica Holmes

It’s time for the big question: handbags or shoes?! As a woman of a certain age (the age where you have no money) I think there must always be a choice where to spend your money when accessorizing.

I have a certain predictability when it comes to footwear. ‘Chunky boots go with everything’ has become somewhat my mantra. So it may surprise you that I would spend what little money I have on shoes rather than handbags – hands-down.

I think at the end of the day it comes down to what kind of person you are – prepared for everything or happy just to wing it with a few cards stuffed in your phone holder and whatever change and lip balm will fit in your pocket. I definitely belong to this latter category.

This isn’t to say I don’t like being prepared however. If I ever got a tattoo it would probably say ‘I love spreadsheets’. But in all honesty if I left the house with multiple objects it would be pretty much inevitable that I would lose SOMETHING before I returned home. Expensive handbags are not always worth the risk.

But shoes. Ah, beautiful shoes. That item of clothing that will always fit, whether you’re feeling bloated or sad – these pretty little items on your feet should always make you smile!

Metallic shoes were everywhere during fashion week and can give any outfit an instant cool factor. Nineties styles are having a comeback so when purchasing a new pair of heels think ‘what would Carrie say?’ a la Sex and the City. And yes – chunky boots will go with everything.

Fashion Friday #5

Jessica Holmes

My impending attendance at a wedding means I am once again frantically rummaging through piles of leftover fabric for something I can transform into a wonderfully fabulous outfit! A design is slowly forming in my mind (flowing skirt and a fun neckline) but the main question is - yellow or green?!?

Watch this space for an update next week on what I finally plump for...