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Wedding Day Catastrophes

Jessica Holmes

You are told that your wedding day will be the most amazing day of your life, that in short, it will be perfect. Well I am here to break the bad news – it won’t be. Something will go wrong – the best man will be late, the waiter will forget who is vegetarian rather than gluten free, and yes, you will probably stain your dress at some point during the night. But accepting that these things (and more) might happen will mean it is not the end of the world when they inevitably do.

Take it from me - you really can’t predict every mini catastrophe that could ruin your day. At my wedding (location: my parents' smallholding) it would never have crossed my mind that a near fatal chicken poisoning would occur mid reception. Cue a slightly tipsy panic that my wedding would forever be remembered as the day all the chickens died. A quick pep talk reminded me that things could certainly be worse and the chickens would no doubt be fine.  I now manage to look back with amusement as I spot one of the chickens pottering about – unaware of the brush with death my wedding inadvertently caused.