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A Dress to Dance in

Jessica Holmes

Let's face it, it's a wedding, you're definitely going to be dancing. Even more importantly, you're the bride, and you have spent months in the lead up to this day worrying about every little thing that could go wrong. But you're married now, the ceremony and speeches are complete and the food has been eaten with gusto. It's time to really enjoy yourself whist showing off your best dance moves and you need a dress that makes this possible.

That eye-wateringly tight corseted dress may have looked fabulous in the photos but after hour five or so the pain will really set in and dancing will sadly be off the agenda.

Now you may be one of those oh-so-lucky brides that can afford another gown to change into when the party starts but if not, never fear, there is a simple solution: wear a comfortable dress.

Easier said than done, I know, as so many dresses are full of boning and other contraptions to suck you in or pad you out in the right places. A dress with a big skirt can also just be incredibly heavy to carry around all day. This is why a bespoke dress - or at least bespoke alterations - can be a godsend. If you ask for comfort to be higher on your list of priorities then all manor of tricks can be implemented. To name a few:

- An invisible underskirt in a lighter fabric can give you that full shape without the weight. 

- Boning is used sparingly to ensure you have some room to breath. 

- And most importantly you can practise hitching up your skirts in the most flattering way to tackle that dancing hindrance!

Photo credit: #1 - James & Lianne, #2 - Photography 34, #3 - Sarah Ellen Bailey.

Wedding Wednesday #7

Jessica Holmes

Things are starting to feel very autumnal in our Wedding Wednesday shoot today... Wearing one of our more quirky dresses here - it is a transformative dress as the bustle and cloud-like skirt can be removed to reveal a shorter dress beneath. Perfect if really want to go crazy with your dance moves at the reception!

The skirt itself is wired to give it that awesome volume, but if this look is a little too 'out there' for you, it can (and has) been made with an alternative skirt. This way you can achieve a more traditional look for the day but don't miss out on the unique evening under-dress!

Its asymmetric neckline ensures you will never look like an 'ordinary' bride in this dress. It's that one day when all eyes will be on you - so why not make the most of it and really stand out? 

DIY Wedding Flowers

Jessica Holmes

DIY weddings are all the rage these days, but it can be a little daunting to think of all the many things that could be done yourselves! Making your own bouquets, floral arrangements etc. is a great way to save money and all you need to put in is a little time and creativity (and preferably the help of a few willing friends!).

If you are intent on having your flowers look a certain way then I'd give DIY flowers a miss, however, as you have to put them together quite close to the big day and you don't need the stress if everything doesn't go quite to plan!

Buy your flowers at most two days before your wedding (you can put them together that day but preferably the day before the wedding to avoid wilting). Flower markets are fantastic for saving money as long as you can be flexible with the exact flower choice. Choose sturdy stemmed blooms and three or four colours to create a cohesive look.

If there is a certain flower you are desperate for (my groom was just HAD to have yellow Proteas for the buttonholes) then order these in advance at a florist to avoid disappointment. Florists are also great to pop to after you have purchased your main haul from the market as you can add in any extras you haven't found (greenery etc.).

If you're fashioning some flower crowns then make sure you have got florists wire in advance and floral tape is a must whatever you intend to create. Practise in advance if possible as getting the hang of crowns and bouquets can take a few tries, but I promise it does get easier!

Finally make sure your flowers are sat in water both before you style them and after. Have your ribbon or string for the stems ready to go (this covers the floral tape holding it all together) and make sure you enjoy the process!

All photographs bar the first courtesy of Photography 34.

Fashion Friday #6

Jessica Holmes

New dress to show you today - a turquoise velvet number that I wore to a fantastic wedding this last weekend! Not the best angles (I will get better ones to show you) but I loved wearing it so much I had to post about it today anyway. This velvet dress has a nipped in waist and flowing skirt with asymmetric hem. The contrast neckline and crossover back are decorated with silver bugle beads - that part took some time!